Our Team

The highly trained staff of 1Vision Solutions, LLC are fluent in many disciplines and bring an array of various talents, expertise and informed knowledge to help its clients exceed and thrive to the level that the clients desire. The staff is a combination of full-time and consultant employees inclusive of mental health counselors, youth development specialists, trainers and facilitators, non-profit management executives, healthcare clinicians and public health specialists. The diverse and varied training capacity of the 1Vision Solutions, LLC employees can offer specific solutions to help its clients excel and achieve the appointed goals and objectives. Additionally, 1Vision Solutions’ staff is bilingual to accommodate Spanish speaking clients as well.

Christopher Lane:

Mr. Lane hails from the hospitality state of Mississippi where he lived all of his life, until June 2003. Christopher took a position with the DC Department of Health HIV AIDS Administration as a project coordinator for a surveillance grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to study the sexual behaviors of high-risk individuals. Prior to his move to Washington, DC, he was a program director for a non-profit agency working with at risk youth of color. The agency received funding to implement after school programs in school districts that were in critical levels of being administered by the MS Department of Education. 10 schools were piloted and under Mr. Lane’s direction, an additional 15 schools were identified and funded, with successful outcomes in ALL schools.

In addition to Mr. Lane’s professional experience in program development, management, grant writing and evaluation, he was also very active in his community and church. On a community level, Mr. Lane was a board member of the MS Sickle Cell Association and worked tirelessly to educate all communities about the effects of sickle anemia in communities of color and worked with the Community Planning Group to help combat HIV/AIDS in rural Mississippi. Christopher also consulted with non-profit organizations to help them establish non-profit status, as well as a grant writer to help identifying funding for programs that would benefit impoverished and economically deprived families. Christopher has also worked closely with Mrs. Myrlie Evers-Williams, widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, on a project that involved youth from around the country to discuss issues around social injustices facing youth and communities of color.

Mr. Lane is currently the Senior Managing Director of 1 Vision Solutions, LLC an organizational and management consulting firm in Washington, DC. He is also a 2006 fellow in the CDC Institute for HIV Prevention Leadership. He has also been selected to serve on the Young Adolescents/Young Adults advisory board of the Mississippi Urban Research Center with Jackson State University- his alma mater. Mr. Lane is also a member of the Recruitment and Retention Advisory Board with the National Minority AIDS Council in Washington, DC and a member of the Power to End Stroke Task force with the Washington Area American Heart Association.


December 2009 - 1 Vision Solutions website launched.